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Welcome to the online home of The Writing Cave! 

While the actual cave (also known as my basement!) is under construction, I travel to meet with students, parents, and teachers. As a writing and academic support specialist, I spend most of my time working with students individually on writing, reading, organizing, and planning tasks.

Below you can learn more about me and how I can help. 

About Me

For over seven years, I have taught, tutored, and TA'd English and writing classes. My students have included: low-income adults studying for the GED, working professionals returning to college to earn their degrees, high-achieving high school students, English language learners, and students with language-based learning disabilities. I hold a bachelor's degree in English with a teaching certification in Secondary Education from Wake Forest University and a master's in English Literature from Georgetown University. 

I live in Washington, DC, with my husband, Jacob, and and my dog, Schroeder. I enjoy working with students, parents, teachers, and schools to demystify any and all of the writing processes. 

How I Can Help

With my years of experience teaching and tutoring writers young and old, struggling or blossoming, I know know how to provide support and structure throughout the writing process. By providing a comfortable space and personalized support, I strive to teach students how to think and write clearly.  

I work with:  

  • middle or high school students for short or long periods of time, on stand-alone assignments or semester-length projects. I help identify strengths and deficits and plan a program to meet an individual's needs. 
  • high school juniors and seniors on essays throughout the college application process. 
  • job-seekers aiming to generate or refine resumes and cover letters. 
  • teachers to provide resources and guidance as they create, teach, and assess student writing. I advise teachers based on the latest research as well as my own experience creating curricula.  
  • schools to establish writing centers where students learn how to support each other's writing development. I prepare a small group of dedicated students to mentor their peers and phase out my support as the students develop their leadership and writing skills.  


Dig into the content. 

Delve into your knowledge and passion. 

Draw relationships among your ideas. Sketch what you're thinking. 

Develop your knowledge and ideas into a coherent, persuasive, beautiful piece.

What I Know To Be True

Writing is more than spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 

Writing requires commitment and investment. 

Writing requires thinking and rethinking. 

Writing is thinking. 

And writing can be taught. 

Recommended Reading

  • My Dyslexia by Philip Schultz 
  • Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott 
  • How We Learn by Benedict Carey
  • Proust and the Squid by Maryanne Wolf

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